Alemlube Rotary Drum Pump 18 L/Min Diesel, petrol, Kero, lube oils 501A


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Alemlube Rotary Drum Pump 18 L/Min Diesel, petrol, Kero, lube oils 501A


The 501A rotary drum pump is suitable for the transfer of oil, diesel and petrol from 60L and 205L drums and bulk tanks.
The Gladiator 501A rotary drum pumps vanes make it also suitable for the transfer of diesel fuel, unleaded and leaded petrol.
The Gladiator 501A comes complete with 2.2 metres of anti static fuel hose, spout, spout holster and 2” BSP bung adaptor & delivers approximately 18 L/min or 0.26L per rotation when pumping diesel fuel.


Uses Diesel, petrols, kerosene, lube oil and machine oil
Discharge Quantity Approximately 70 turns / 18 L/min
Materials Body hardened aluminum alloy; Handle – aluminum die cast; Seal – Buna N; Hose–anti static fuel hose
Weight/length 3.6 kg/1300mm (4.3ft)
Size Suction Tube: 31.8mm (1¼”) OD Delivery Hose: 19.05mm (3/4”) ID x 2.2m

Assembly Instructions
Mount handle assembly (501A-9 & 501A-10) to the pump body (501A-1) with the aid of bolt (501A-18). Connect the outlet tube (501A-12) & the bung (501A-15) and then screw suction tube (501A-16) together with adaptor (501A-25) into the inlet of pump body.
When assembling pump & tubes, please ensure that all threads are completely airtight (use thread tape) otherwise the pump will not prime. Test prime by putting your hand over the bottom of the pump body inlet hole, turn handle in a clockwise direction. If you feel a strong suction on the palm of your hand the pump is operating correctly and is now ready to mount into the drum. If not, add a few drops of oil through the inlet hole and turn handle to lubricate internals. If pumping fuels and the pump does not prime, lubricate pump body with some oil via the pump inlet. This may be performed as required if using petrol which can dry out the vanes inside reducing suction & priming.

Operating Instructions
When using as a siphon pump

  1. Turn the handle 5 or 6 times. When the liquid begins to flow from the outlet, place handle at a horizontal direction.
  2. If the liquid stops being transferred flowing, move the handle slightly.
  3. After use, fix the handle to the indicated point. Then the liquid inside the pump can now flow back into the drum.
  4. Siphoning will not work when pumping liquid of a high viscosity. The pump will not siphon successfully unless all hose and pump joints are fully tightened up and all connection points are completely airtight.

Do not use this pump for transferring solvents, strong alkalis or acids as the pumps seals and gaskets are incompatible with aggressive solutions.

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