Crete Off Concrete Dissolver 5L Cleaner – Bricklayers – Formworks – Concreter


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Crete Off Concrete Dissolver 5L Cleaner

Key FeaturesCRETE-OFF is a liquid compound alternative with no odours or fumes and is 100% biodegradable. It attacks the portland in cement, completely dissolving the hardened cement to a mushy substance that is completely rinseable with high-pressure cold water.

CRETE-OFF can be used to remove curedcement, concrete, mortar and grout from any surface.

Directions For Use

• Contains No Sulphuric Acid, No Muriatic Acid, No Hydrochloric Acid & No Phosphoric Acid.
• Use to clean concrete off aluminium window frames, windows, timber decks, concrete tools, ready-mix trucks, screeds, form work,
concrete saws, trowelling machines and more !
• Important: Never wet surface before applying Concrete Dissolver. Test product on a non-critical area before using.
• CRETE-OFF is most effective when applied with a brush, thereby removing already neutralised
cement while at the same time exposing un-neutralised cement to CRETE-OFF.
• Completely saturate area of hardened concrete to be removed with undiluted CRETE-OFF through an air-foamer, sprayer or soft brush. Surface will turn white on contact, then darken. If CRETE-OFF evaporates, a white residue will appear. DO NOT RINSE! Re-apply CRETE-OFF to reactivate as needed until concrete has softened to a mush.
• Allow CRETE-OFF to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, then re-apply to same area. Keep surface wet with CRETE-OFF. Concrete will begin to soften and release from surface. (Total time approx. 20-30 minutes). Treated concrete can be left overnight.
• Rinse with cold water through a high-pressure washer (1000-3000psi). On extra-thick build up, repeat cleaning directions until build-up has softened.
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