Impact-A Orange-Grit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 5L – Industrial Strength


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Impact-A Orange-Grit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 5L – Industrial Strength  – AUSTRALIAN MADE


Key Features

Impact-A Orange Grit Hand Cleaner is an effective natural hand cleaner combining citrus oils with lanolin and coconut oil which provides a rich creamy lather, leaving hands feeling smooth and clean with a lingering Citrus fragrance.

It also contains naturally occurring pumice that acts as an abrasive to loosen and remove dirt, grease and grime from the hands, without irritating the skin.

Directions For Use

• Ideally suited in all industrial workshops,

worksites and automotive repair shops

• Phosphate free & biodegradable

• Excellent grease cutting qualities

• Contains naturally occurring pumice

• Can be used every day

• Suitable for domestic and commercial use


Directions For Use

Place a small quantity of Impact-A Orange Grit Hand Cleaner into the palm of your dry hand.

Rub hands together prior to adding water to allow the liquid and pumice to act as an abrasive to remove the grime. Massage well if hands are really dirty, then rinse under water while continuing to rub hands together. Dry hands and repeat process if hands still have dirt and grime in stubborn areas.

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