Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System for Knives / Scissors / Tools WSGSS-C


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Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System for Knives / Scissors / Tools WSGSS-C


The Guided Sharpening System™ (GSS) is Work Sharp®’s complete benchtop sharpening and honing system. The GSS was created with both novice and master sharpeners in mind and can be used to sharpen every knife you own. The innovative Pivot-Response® system follows the curve of the blade while sharpening, putting a sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. The skill is built into the tool. No jigs. No clamps. No nonsense.
Use the GSS to put a perfect edge on your pocket, hunting, and kitchen knives – as well as serrations, fish hooks, and tools – while mastering your manual sharpening skills. Experienced sharpeners will appreciate the thought-out features that make this a versatile and complete knife and tool sharpening system. With the GSS, you have the choice of how you want to sharpen a knife, based on your skill level and the type of blade you want to sharpen. The Pivot-Response® table can be locked-out, creating a traditional sharpening surface for straight blades, or engaged to evenly sharpen curved blades – without changing the sharpening motion. If you are new to sharpening or haven’t had success with sharpening stones, activating the Pivot-Response® will do the work for you. It puts the skill in the tool and makes manual sharpening easy.


  • Interchangable Sharpening Guide (17° and 20°)
  • 3 x Replacable Abrasive Plates
    • 1 x Coarse 320 Grit Diamond Abrasive Plate
    • 1 x Fine 600 Grit Diamond Abrasive Plate
    • 1 x Multi-Grit Ceramic Rod


  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.5cm x 6.5cm x 16.5cm
  • Weight: 1.13kg
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